Sunday, March 4, 2012


Hey, it's Emily again! I've been wanting to make an altered book/scrapbook for a long time but the idea of changing up an entire novel to make it into a piece of art is a bit intimidating (well...more than a bit!) so as I was thrifting for the right book (one would need to have a strong, sewn binding so that it wouldn't fall apart when altered) I came across a neat old cookbook--the Better Homes and Gardens new Cook Book. Turns out it's not so new--I was overjoyed to look inside and find that it was printed in 1962. It was in great condition with interesting colors and perfectly yellowed pages, so I decided that this would make a nice alternative to the normal altered book. It is in a binder, so I can add and take out pages as I wish, or make entirely new pages to add as my own. With other vintage books and magazines along with mixed media and scrapbooking supplies, I'm going to make this cookbook into a unique piece of art...hopefully ;D TTYL

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